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Loosid was born out of the need to unite the sober community and bring together people in recovery and battling addiction, as well as those who choose to practice sober living as part of a healthy lifestyle. The Loosid app is a first-of-its-kind community with a mission to bring the fun back into sobriety. It provides options for sober travel packages around the world, the ability to both create and attend events happening in your area, create or join sober groups, and a suite of recovery tools for those who need it most. Another key feature of Loosid is the dating option which unites people within the community that share the same lifestyle and connects matches with recommended events in their area. Loosid was created to show the millions of people in recovery or seeking a sober life that, not only is it not the end of fun, it is just beginning. Having a suite of recovery tools is mandatory, however, showing not only the possibility, but the guarantee that you can have a life filled with excitement and unforgettable experiences is equally as critical. Kelly has battled with addiction since her teens and is passionate about fighting off the stigma and sharing her own story of recovery to help others who have been struggling. As the initial launch includes users in the New York City area, the app will be unveiling new cities throughout

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While Mann notes that a dating spinoff site could be possible, for now he is content to focus on the 80, people who have signed up for Sober Grid since the app launched two years ago.

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Every day thousands of single people join them. This website will show you the best dating sites… If you are single and at the same time tired of dating people who are addicted to alcohol, join Sober Dating Service and meet the right people for dating!

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9 days ago · NEW YORK, Nov. 15, /PRNewswire/ — Loosid, a new sober platform, announced today the launch of their mobile app in New York City. Loosid was born out of the need to unite the sober .

Recent over-thinking has been centered around both the difficulties and rewards of dating in our label-happy, technology-obsessed generation. I often wonder what happened to old-fashioned dating — dating in the sense of being able to spend time with a person but not be “exclusive,” not be “complicated,” not be “together,” but to just be in one another’s company. Instead, dating has evolved into a pressure-filled, semi-confusing, yet rewarding endeavor in which millennials participate.

But what is held responsible for this shift? The ease and expectation of constant communication. This is all great in the beginning stages of a relationship, when the infatuation is still present, but constant communication eventually leads to a lack of discussion material, which in my experience, leads to boredom. It also leads to paranoia in certain situations, like if someone isn’t texting at all free hours, then they are automatically up to no good. This adds an unnecessary level of stress to a modern-day relationship, a stress which didn’t exist years ago when constant communication wasn’t even an option.

But the reality is that texting is a main form of communication and does dictate much of a relationship. Overkill can ruin a potential relationship before it even has a chance to begin, whereas not being attentive to one’s phone can come across as indifferent to the situation. Finding that balance can be draining, but at the same time having the ability to communicate with someone whenever necessary is a benefit that has not always existed.

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Dating apps were created to make finding your next relationship easier. But with so many different platforms to choose from and plenty of members signed on for a good time, not a long time , trying to find a match who’s here for the right reasons can start to feel kind of impossible. If you’re starting to get burned out from your online search for “the one,” it might be time to reevaluate your strategy — and the apps that you’re using — in order to find her.

As the saying goes, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. So if this sounds a lot like your current online dating life, it’s time to rethink the process and platforms you’ve become accustomed to, start branching out and try using something new.

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New “Sober Grid” Social Network App

However, what happens if you are a recovering alcoholic? For approximately million Americans who identify as recovering from alcohol abuse disorder, dating while sober is often a tricky reality. The Social Media Cleanse 1. Take the lead and suggest a dry date.

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You may see someone you know. Please do not spread rumors or tell others about this app. Great pride is taken to keep our member’s information private. Want to get started? The smartphone has unlocked the ability to get laid on demand says social media expert: Who really sexts with Snapchat anyways? The amount of people who still sext with Snapchat are probably equivalent to the amount of people who still play Words With Friends.

In other words, not most people. Using Snapchat to sext is ancient history because of as you probably already know screenshotting – even if the shot only lasts two seconds.

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As a part of his recovery, the year-old from Royal Oak, MI, has been searching for ways to help continue his sobriety by looking beyond programs like Alcoholics Anonymous. At the recommendation of a friend, he turned to the internet for help. Sober Grid is a free, location-based social network and tool for people in recovery.

It can’t be said enough — really is the top dog among all of the free personals sites. Not only does it have millions and millions of users, but it’s also got the highest success rate of any other dating .

Fill a void Find themselves Simply put, some will use relationships as a new way to find happiness—a high, in a way. The bigger problem comes when relationships become messy or end on unfriendly terms. This can cause addicts to go through higher levels of emotional strain, which then impacts their self-esteem, and confidence. A relationship that ends badly could put you into a downward spiral, causing you to relapse and need intensive outpatient treatment all over again.

Instead of rushing into a relationship in hopes of feeling less lonely or having a new outlet, find ways to embrace yourself and your new life. Take part in group therapy sessions. There are plenty of things you can do to not feel so lonely without relying on a relationship to fill the void. Dating is also harder because your source of liquid courage is gone. How Long Should I Wait?

The first year of treatment and recovery can be tough. The rule stands true no matter if you were once addicted to alcohol, opioids, or any other dangerous substance. The first year of recovery, no matter if you went through inpatient or outpatient drug treatment, is all about you. You should take this time to take care of yourself and to reconnect with yourself.


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The sober app studied joins a host of others that serve as electronic shoulder angels, featuring a variety of options for trying to prevent alcoholics and drug addicts from relapsing. Adults released from in-patient alcoholism treatment centers who got free sober smartphones reported fewer drinking days and more overall abstinence than those who got the usual follow-up support.

The app, developed for recovering alcoholics, includes a panic button and sounds an alert when they get too close to taverns. The app is being commercially developed and is not yet available. Still, addiction experts say the immediacy of smartphone-based help could make them a useful tool in fighting relapse. Mark Wiitala, 32, took part in the study and says the app helped save his life.

Sober Grid is a free, location-based social network and tool for people in recovery. Thomas tells POPSUGAR the app has aided him in a couple of ways: “It has helped by allowing me to integrate both my love of social media and of helping deal with [and] sharing my alcoholic disease and recovery.”.

Worst toys of the year according to W. He noted that other apps exist for specific communities to connect, such as dating apps for LGBT people, but sober people in recovery had few such resources. Mann believes Sober Grid fulfills two needs for the sober people in recovery: Joe Putignano, a writer from Chelsea who has used the app since April, sees the same benefits. The app allows users to remain anonymous, a factor that may encourage more people to join and speak honestly.

Although the ability to be anonymous might encourage bad behavior or draw attention from non-sober people, he said so far, there have been little to no problems with trolling or malicious speech on the app. In fact, the community feeling is strong whether users know each other or not. Conner hosted the launch party for Sober Grid. Back in after winning the Miss USA title, she was involved in public controversey after testing positive for cocaine, crystal meth, and heroin.

She was allowed to keep her crown as long as she entered a rehab program. She has now been sober for over eight years.

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