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Tagged 0 Thread s As Dave mentioned, more details are required to positively identify this horn, but the name H. These horns aren’t held in as high esteem as the Zephyrs and Super 20’s by collectors, but this often means nothing as far as playability is concerned. What takes the collectors market collective “fancy” changes quite drastically and suddenly from one day to the next much more so with the advent of the internet and on line Auctions etc. Now look at what these and comparable vintage horns go for. As far as the Conn Director “Shooting Star” horns: Much has been written on this forum Conversations your’s truly took an active part in so I won’t go into detail here. Suffice to say that this later incarnation of the Pan American line is an intermediate horn at best, and those dating from or so to the mid 60’s are O. Anything in that model horn made after or so, I wouldn’t personally touch with a ten foot pole, especially after All things being equal, definitely go with the King, and get it to a good vintage sax repair tech, as these horns need some crucial adjustments to play correctly, but sound and play great once it is done. Cheers and good luck.

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Completed in , the column has stood for more than 1, years. Trajan’s war on the Dacians, a civilization in what is now Romania, was the defining event of his year rule. During the Middle Ages Romanians were also known as Vlachs, a blanket term ultimately of Germanic origin, from the word Walha, used by ancient Germanic peoples to refer to Romance-speaking and Celtic neighbours. Paved Dacian Road The meaning of the word ” Transylvania ” is the land beyond the forest.

Transylvania was first referred to in a Medieval Latin document dating from as Ultra Silvam Ultra meaning “beyond” or “on the far side of …” and Sylva sylvam meaning “wood or forest”.

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The year saw the inception of Eclectic Discs, the home of good music and the label of choice for discerning music lovers throughout the world. Eclectic’s releases quickly became regarded as the watchword for quality packaging and superb remastering in the world of both catalogue reissues and frontline releases by classic artists, with over fifty individual titles released by the label.

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The King Co. has a long and storied history dating back to when Henderson N. White began making saxophones for World War I era bands. An important stepping stone for King was its Zephyr model, which drastically improved intonation and .

Clarinets from the LeBlanc workshops have greatly improved in recent years. LeBlanc model L N “Bliss”, Grenadilla upper and lower joints, “Bliss” grenadilla barrel and bell, adjustable thumbrest. Selmer Paris “Signature” is the new top-of-the-line from Selmer. This is the best Selmer, ever! Selmer Paris “Signature” the same, only in the key of A, with double case. All Selmer clarinets are supplied with original Selmer case and mouthpiece and come with factory guarantee in addition to our two-year service warranty.

The company policy from Selmer says that we are allowed to ship their instruments only to institutions or end users who reside in the United States. We are not allowed by them to sell Selmer instruments to other dealers. It in addition to any factory guarantees. For two full years, we will repair or replace whichever in our estimation is the more advisable , pads, corks, springs or other parts required, at no charge to the customer.

The customer is responsible for shipping and insurance charges. In the event of cracked or damaged wood sections, we will repair at no charge to the customer or replace the damaged section and charge the customer only our wholesale cost if any for the replacement parts. Cases and plating finishes are not covered by our service warranty but are sometimes covered by factory guarantees. Wood clarinets always leak around the register and thumb spouts when we get them from the factory.

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All instruments come with a 3 month service warranty unless otherwise stated and a 7 day approval period. Quality used alto saxophones wanted. Contact us here to discuss buying or selling your Alto Saxophone. Dating to around , this saxophone looks absolutely gorgeous in satin gold finish, with gold highlights in the engraving and go

Founded in , by Colonel Charles Gerard Conn, the Conn company has been associated with brass and woodwind instruments.

Reviews and discussions about saxophones new and vintage, saxophone players and recordings. Monday, January 17, Great Vintage Saxophones Part Two In part two, I’ll discuss saxophones made by other prominent American brands, as well as Selmer, and a couple you may or may not know about. Buescher The very first saxophone made in the United States was built by Gus Buescher properly pronounced Bisher in when he was a foreman for Conn.

For many years, Buescher saxophones, as well as their other brass and wind instruments, competed well with Conn, Martin, King and Selmer. Buescher saxophones are noted for their rich and smooth sound. Sigurd Rascher, the well known classical saxophonist, author and teacher played a Buescher Tru-Tone throughout his playing career, and in jazz, Johnny Hodges sweet and soaring tone was played on a series of Bueschers, most notably an Aristocrat and a Later on, Selmer bought the company and that ended their production of high quality professional horns.

The style and mechanisms of the Buescher are similar to those of Conn, so I never had a problem playing them. In fact, in terms of sound, vintage Bueschers are among the best saxophones out there as far as I’m concerned. Here are some of my favorite models.

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Gear History While characterized by a shiny bell, intricate key work, neck and an S-shaped curvature, the saxophone has undergone countless design changes and innovations since Adolf Sax invented it in Over time, many manufacturers have developed their own take on the instrument, and some have proven to be important to the development of the instrument and the music that followed. Below are 10 of the most important saxophone models in its year history, as well as the famous saxophonists who played them.

Conn M Series to Conn is one of the oldest instrument manufacturers in the United States and first tried its hand at saxophone production in in Elkhart, Indiana.

Henderson White chose the brand King as a symbol of superiority and leadership in In , White paired with F.A. Reynolds, and started offering woodwinds in , importing saxophones from Evette & Schaeffer (Buffet) marketed as student friendly pricing compared to American made horns. After that V. Kohlert saxophones.

White Company was founded in Cleveland, Ohio by Henderson White, an engraver and instrument repairman. White started out working for McMilin’s Music Store. He often hung around the theater acquainting himself with the musicians and looking for repair work. Described in the King 50 Years of Achievement in the Band Instrument Industry, “For many months the two men collaborated, pooling their experience as artist and mechanic.

Frequently Thomas King went from the theatre to White’s shop to the the model trombone in its various stages of development. After long and painstaking effort the first of the famous line of King band instruments

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Contact Keilwerth Saxophone Julius Keilwerth was a designer and builder of Keilwerth Saxophones in the early part of the 20th century. Keilwerth Saxophones were sold under a number of brand names over the decades. Herbert Couf, who was the Vice-President of the W. Couf name were brought into the United States. For a time, Keilwerth produced saxophone bodies that were finished by the Armstrong Company and carried the Armstrong name.

Today, the German-made saxophones carry the Julius Keilwerth name and have been produced specifically for both the professional and the student jazz saxophonist.

Significant Model Changes to King Saxophones. King C Soprano No. “Straight Model” Introduced around King Bb Soprano No. “Curved Model” Introduced around with production ending by King Eb Alto No. “Solo Instrument” Introduced around with production ending by

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