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Only one Fitbit tracker can be paired to an account. If you currently have a Fitbit tracker paired to your account, when prompted you can choose to replace your existing tracker and continue setting up the new tracker. Your synced data will remain intact. 5. You will be asked for a few details about yourself.

Posted by Hit The Road Jack A busy life on the road can get lonely even for those already in committed marriages and relationships. Online dating is nothing new. After all, when the forerunner dating site, Match. Advantages of Online Dating for Truckers When you are meeting new people online, you can get to know them without physically being around them unless you are able or choose to.

When singles meet through the internet or through mobile apps, they get to know one another through messages that lead to texts that could lead to phone calls or Apply today for trucking jobs across the U. As it stands today, the U. Department of Transportation, or DOT, does not require sleep apnea testing for truck drivers. The medical examiner is the one who decides if the driver needs sleep apnea testing. Essentially, whoever examines you during your CDL physical will determine your sleep apnea status, and therefore, your ability to It is a tricky topic.

I am a commercial truck driver in the US. What do you want to know?

Thru the years of running various Gay Trucker related sites that I own. I have had numerious questions about how you properly cruise a trucker. Or how you properly pick a trucker up. For years, The Rest areas and Truck Stops have been cruisey.

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While he anticipates that gay men will use the app as well, he wants the experience to be a place where men have space to explore sexual and emotional desires without having to specifically name them. BRO is an app that honors this complexity by giving men the opportunity to think about their sexuality without feeling the need to fall into any particular group or category. What is your vision for the BRO app? Who do you envision using it and for what purpose?

My vision is that BRO will act as a social network where men can find other men to make meaningful connections beyond just hooking up or random sex. Our typical demographic will likely be men that identify as gay looking to meet other men for friendship or dating, and not straight men looking for sex like some media outlets have proclaimed. However, Bro is also a place for men who may not be sure of their sexuality or who want a safe place to express it without judgment or fear; and that means they may identify as “straight.

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Browse single, local truckers and trucker new friends today! Trucking is a big business, and many companies that use how you know youre dating your best friend to aid their business are found in the cities sites larger towns. Many would reside near their source free work and so most truckers would also be located in the cities dating towns. However you can also find truckers in the more rural areas also.

Mobile Apps Real-Time GPS Tracking Linxup’s GPS trackers for vehicles and equipment allow you to quickly and easily locate any vehicle or asset while it’s on the road or at a job site.

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Click the links directly above to get detailed info for the units presently on the market that work best on a semi truck or RV. DieselBoss Review and Compare Page: Truck satellite TV systems “Getting satellite TV on a truck like you have at home can be a complex process – but it doesn’t have to be. We have spent a great deal of time and energy testing systems and creating methods to accomplish this for over a decade.

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Haul Through the Legendary Roads American Truck Simulator will take you on a journey throughout the vast landscapes full of breathtaking and iconic landmarks of North America BACK California California is the most populous US state with 39 million people, and the third largest state by area , sq. California’s transportation system is complex and dynamic, known for its car culture and extensive network of freeways and roads. The rapidly growing population of the state is straining all of its transportation networks.

California has , mi , km of public roads, streets, and highways. Pass multiple landmarks including scenic places, well know bridges and historical buildings. Explore the geographic diversity – from the Sierra Nevada mountains to the Pacific Coast, from fir forests to the desert.

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READ the instructions that come with the invertor. Whatever wire size is called for, go at least one size bigger, regardless of cost we’re talking fire safety here. Don’t scrimp on cheap wire! The heavier the insulation, the more strands, and the higher the ratings, the better. Mount the invertor inside but as close to the batteries as possible with it still being convenient to get to shorter, larger cables means less voltage loss and more power available.

Don’t forget that these things run HOT under full load

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All you need is a cell phone and you can download hundreds of different apps that apply to trucking. From a list of available truck stops , to the latest detours in your area, and even such things as tattoo parlors, chiropractors, and even ways to legally skip weigh stations, truckers apps have you covered. You can plot your course by using a truck app, while saving time and fuel in the process.

Granted, all of these incredibly helpful apps are the wave of the future, but concerns are that these apps might make the road a bit more dangerous. We all know how bad texting and driving are at the same time. Punching in letters on a keyboard while behind the wheel, takes your needed attention elsewhere. If your eyes do not remain on the road, trouble might be around the next bend. The same holds true for apps.

Your eyes might be roaming to the cell phone where the download is happening, rather than keeping them on the road where they belong. All Is Good For now, there have been no increases in accidents due to app downloading while driving, and the ATA is applauding the newest apps for owners and drivers alike. Just remember, apps or no apps, safety first always means keeping your eyes on the road at all times.

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What Apps To Have As A Truck Driver