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In-depth analysis, reviews, and comparisons of official Major League Baseball caps, the kind used on the field of play, old time to present day. New Era has been the dominant cap maker in Major League Baseball and anything baseball-related for decades, steam-rolling the competition, and now has been the exclusive cap maker for Major League Baseball since what monopoly? The oldest New Era cap in my collection is a St. Louis Browns cap circa to Anyway, New Era basically used the same tags inside their caps from the early days all the way until Since then they have changed rapidly, usually about every two years. Special thanks to my friend Adam LeRoy. It was his idea for the blog and he took most of the tag photos from his collection.

Union Made Apparel Directory

This iconic Early’s woolen trade blanket imported from Canada has long been considered a true investment piece by collectors as well as modern woodsmen, either as coveted cold weather bedding or material for hooded ‘capote’ clothing. This authentic Early’s of Witney Point blanket label features a trademark image set within an oval border depicting a native North American Indian chief with feathered headdress.

Top of label border is cropped and there are some gold thread pulls on border embroidery.

Located in the old Western Auto building in the Union Square Shopping Center, the Union Label Shopper store offers high quality items such as Men’s, Plus Size Women’s, Misses, and Juniors” clothing as well as home decor items, hats, scarves, shoes, and jewelry.

Contact How to Date Vintage Clothing: We will also be discussing the difference between items made to evoke a particular era and an actual item from the era being referenced i. This will by no means be a definitive list of details to look for in your clothing, however we hope it will help build a foundation for those of you in the beginning stages of vintage collecting!

The s were a time of economic hardship for the majority of North Americans. The Great Depression vastly influenced the fashion industry, in that most families were unable to spend much money on clothing beyond the necessities. Because of this, handmade clothing was extremely common. This was exactly as it sounds, a sack that held food, such as flour and grains.

Sometime in the s, feedsack manufacturers decided they may sell more product if the sacks were printed with colourful vibrant designs.

A Guide To Collecting Vintage Fashions & Lingerie

Greta Garbo looking at a ladies’ hat in a display window: Most people today have at least one hat to protect them from the sun, rain, or cold, and some of these functional hats can be quite collectible. And some collectors are more than willing to spend up to several hundreds of dollars for caps from professional baseball franchises, especially if the items had belonged to legendary teams like the old Brooklyn Dodgers or the New York Giants.

Halfmoon Yoga Products, Vancouver, British Columbia. 73, likes · 48 talking about this. Lovingly handcrafted and thoughtfully sourced yoga products.

Contact Welcome to the Thrifty Gent Looking sharp doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. By shopping thrift stores, sales and searching for bargains online you can look like a million bucks on a relatively low budget. Deciphering Brooks Brothers labels Those who know me well know I have two areas of particular affection when it comes to clothing: Brooks Brothers and vintage clothes. And vintage clothing — especially from particular eras — is a really neat window into the past, and often to higher quality and better style than is readily available today.

This is true in general especially for union labels, the tags sewn into pockets on US-made jackets that were made in unionized workshops. For a good guide to union labels, check out this post at The Fedora Lounge. From its founding to , BB was controlled by the Brooks family that started it. It gained a reputation for high-quality clothing at more or less reasonable prices.

The quality of BB clothes in this era took a steep nose dive, and BB lost a lot of its long-term loyal customer base. This move has further irritated what longtime customers it has left, but it has also probably saved it from extinction.

Vintage Fashions use Union Labels to Date Clothing – Let’s Try Hats

I am sorry about the images. When I wrote the guides, I uploaded the images to eBay and presumed they would be fine. Since then, about a year ago, my computer crashed and I lost all the images I had in it. I do have a disk with some of my images but have not found the right ones yet. Once I had them uploaded with the right captions, it was easy to keep them straight.

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Please call ahead to check on availability and price. An exceptional item dating back to The Great Depression. Carefully wrapped in brown wax paper tied in cotton string inside the carton! American Civil War U. Army WWI issue, Colt 45 caliber double snap ammo pouch, dated , designed to be worn on the M canvas pistol belt, brand new. Army WWI M dummy NAVY woven in antique gold letters attached.

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Pagodas and kyaungs in present-day Bagan , the capital of the Pagan Kingdom. Pagan gradually grew to absorb its surrounding states until the s— s when Anawrahta founded the Pagan Kingdom , the first ever unification of the Irrawaddy valley and its periphery. In the 12th and 13th centuries, the Pagan Empire and the Khmer Empire were two main powers in mainland Southeast Asia.

Pagan’s rulers and wealthy built over 10, Buddhist temples in the Pagan capital zone alone.

Archives of the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union (ILGWU) which document the history of the most significant labor union representing workers in the women’s garment industry in the United States and Canada.

In , due to unreliable shipments from their suppliers, H. Lee Merchantile was prompted to produce their first line of work wear garments including the now famous vintage Lee Bib Overall. These overalls were made of 8 oz. In Lee introduced slide fasteners on the bib overall straps to offer a better fit to the wearer.

With this, the Lee Union-All was created. Army and was the official fatigue uniform during World War I. This work wear line included the Lee 91 and Lee series jacket. So up to this time, Lee was famous for providing industrial clothing as well as garments for railroad workers. It was in that Lee first introduced the Buddy Lee Doll , a choice of many vintage collectors today.

They proved so successful that dolls were created featuring many different outfits. In , Lee introduced the Lee Cowboy Pants. The first Lee Cowboy pants were made in 13 oz.

How to date vintage clothing by looking at zips

No prizes for assuming the gender of this child. Stocksy Mainstream society still lags behind when it comes to understanding gender as a complex and fascinating! And then of course, there are the baby clothes. Oh lord, the baby clothes. Related Articles Why it’s time for parents to re-think declaring their children’s gender I have a seven-month-old, and wandering the clothing aisles in high street shops or department stores is an exercise in anger management.

The most noticeable thing is the distinction of gender according to colour.

The vintage clothing board is slower than this one, but more vintage eyes might see these and be able to offer information there. The union label went from the late 30s to the 90s. Views Message 16 of 25 vintage NOS ‘s payday penney’s overalls?? in reply to otbgal Mar 31, PM. unknown-shopper. Guide.

For a very brief few months, then, from September through January , Dobbs hats probably featured a union label. The union was kept out of the factory until , but union labels would not show up again on Hat Corporation of America hats until the s. Considering this change was only for two years, hats of this period are probably quite rare. Liner tips were most likely updated with both addresses at that time.

It is an exception to one of these periods. The latter address was added to liner tips, while the former was not. Photos by and Courtesy of Joshua Brutzkus. Additionally, by they had added 4 and 6 West Fiftieth Street to the Fifth Avenue store, giving them an impressive retail outlet. This perhaps explains the rearrangement in the order of the addresses, as had far surpassed Fifth Avenue in importance. This example also featured a different factory label, one that’s typical of the late s.

It’s possible that this style of tip sticker showed up by the late s, or perhaps this hat has been renovated from the factory at a later date with a later label. The tip sticker is slightly askew, which suggests some trauma to the hat. Photos by and Courtesy of Robert Kent Alternate — s? Liner Here is a liner style that was first used in , and may have been used into the s.

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While the ILGWU archives contains thousands of photographs and documents on the union and provides information on the history and use of the union label, unfortunately material does not exist for specific manufactured clothing. But, the archives recently undertook the task to compile and create a helpful guide to assist researchers date their garments. The new Union Label Timeline provides background on the predecessors of the ILGWU label, historical information on the inception of the union label, and its use through the twentieth century.

Most importantly though, the Timeline offers numerous examples of sample labels for comparison and identification.

Union Army ‘Infantry’ horn or ‘Artillery’ crossed cannon enlisted man’s insignia for attachment to the top of the soldier’s kepi. Civil War Centennial period (’s) reproductions, heavy weight strikes, unlike the junky reproductions manufactured today.

The store employs a staff of 11 and is open Monday through Saturday. Persons who want to register for a chance at winning one of the shopping can sign up now to do so. There is a box set up just inside the store where customers can fill out forms sitting next to the box for a chance to win a shopping spree. The drawing for the shopping sprees will be held Friday and the winners announced at that time.

On Sunday, November 4, the store will hold a Family Event from 10 a. Label Shopper is a sister company to Peter Harris Clothes and buys and sells the highest quality clothing and accessories found in specialty and department stores for up to 70 percent off their original retail price. According to its website https: Peter then expanded even further by creating our sister store, Label Shopper. Our retail buyers are always on the hunt for amazing buys of the latest styles from those designers and brand name fashions, keeping up with current trends.

For more information about the store call Charles Warner can be reached at

Dating Vintage Dinnerware By Words Found In Marks

We are proud to be a U. Also, why not buy your union shirts from a union shop? Businesses are welcome to contact Royal Apparel to purchase any of our inventory stock clothing or for custom manufacturing or finishing services.

To see that all work contracted by _____ is produced by union labor, as heretofore provided, not to use the said union label upon anything but the strict production of such union labor, and not to loan said union label, except by permission of the party of the second part.

Most of the time, the tin will not have a date marked anywhere on it, and that’s where some detective work on your part is required. Dating tins isn’t difficult to do, though it may involve some of your time. This process can turn out to be both fun and personally rewarding. The following information can be used to help document the age of your tins. You will be fortunate to date your tin right away, most of them will require you to carefully study their appearance both from a structure stand-point and how they are decorated or finished.

Some very obvious clues may not be sufficient, may be misleading, or have to be combined with other knowns to arrive at an accurate or close approximate date. Let’s start off with some general things that apply to most 20th century tins and to some 19th. Addresses on tins can often be linked to a time period, even down to the exact year, if you use an old city directory or telephone book. By looking up the business in the directory you can determine when they moved to a new location or the address simply changed because of changes in the city’s addressing system.

By tying in certain company events and changes, the graphics and text on your tin may be able to determine the time period it was introduced and used. Many companies have gone through name changes ownership, brands, logos, trademarks, mergers because of growth or merging. Knowing when these events took place and matching them to the name on the tin can help.

RN numbers on clothing labels

Freelance writer living in the Australian Capital Published May 18th Vintage Shopping Tips The fascination with vintage and retro clothing has grown so much over the past few years that an entire community of bloggers , vloggers and collectors have sprung up to discuss the trend and sell clothing and home wares that range from the 20’s all the way to the 80’s. In this burgeoning subculture of people in love with bygone eras, second hand shops are becoming a fashionable hangout.

There are many hidden treasures to be found on the clothing racks of op shops and for vintage lovers it’s important to know exactly what era their find comes from. There are a few important clues to look for when sourcing the age of a garment. Often, the tag will be a give away to the authenticity of the vintage clothing.

Japanese clothing label Bedwin & The Heartbreakers has been a long-standing collaborative partner with adidas Originals for well over a half-decade now. Bedwin’s been the proud recipient of.

The garters are metal and adjust with the metal lever with grips to grab the garter strap. Made in the USA by an unknown maker. Has two hook and eyes for closure with two adjustments possible along with a strip of wide elastic for more comfort. Click on the photo to be taken to my eBay auction for more photos and information. This was another delightful thrift shop find back when I still lived in Orlando, Florida.

The satin is heavy and delicious to the touch. And the metal garters are in perfect working order. These sort beat the lousy plastic ones in all ways. Plus the shine of that silver metal is just so darn cool looking. Pantyhose may be practical but you could never call them a work of art. Well, maybe some of the tights made by Fogal?

The union label in this garter belt dates it to between and The label has the copyright R on it which was added when the label was trademarked on April 21,

Look for the Union Label 1981 classic ad