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We sell the majority of those Featherweights on consignment for the owners, and if your Featherweight is in excellent condition we can help you too. How old is my Singer Featherweight sewing machine? To date your machine look on the bottom to find the serial number. Every machine has a unique serial number which will begin with two letters followed by six numbers. Singer kept records for their production runs, and you can go to their website to find out when the serial number for your Featherweight was assigned by matching up the serial number on your machine with the corresponding year on their chart. People often refer to this as the date the machine was “born”, but more accurately it is the date the production run for that series of machines was assigned. The machines would have come off the production line sometime between that date and the date of the next production series assignment. What’s my Singer Featherweight sewing machine worth? Nearly all and Singer Featherweights sew well or, with minor “tune ups”, can be adjusted to sew well. Singer and Featherweights are very reliable and very straightforward to maintain.

Singer Featherweight

Knowing more about your vintage sewing machine cabinet can help you make the most of this addition to your home. Dating a vintage sewing table can be quite easy or significantly more difficult, depending upon the sewing machine and style. Look for a label or manufacturer on the cabinet itself. This piece of information can help you date the cabinet.

What is the birthdate of your Singer Featherweight? Dating your machine is quite easy — locate the serial number and correlate it to these dating charts! ** Singer Sewing Machine models within this JE batch of serial numbers were made in A few Singer Featherweights were included in this series.

Video of the Day Restoring a Finish Dampen a soft cloth with a solution of liquid oil soap and water. Wipe the surfaces of the cabinet pieces to remove superficial dirt and then dry them with another towel. Follow up with a thorough rub-down with a cloth saturated with a scratch remover. Allow it to work for a few minutes and then wipe off the excess with a soft cloth. Repeat the above process using the finish restorative intended for use on antiques. Apply this with a soft cloth, rub it on the entire surface, let set very briefly, then wipe off with a clean cloth.

This step softens the old finish without removing it, allowing it to flow into any holes or scratches. Wipe off any excess restorative immediately. Saturate a clean cloth with the wood restorative and wax. Rub liberal amounts of it into the wood.

What if the serial number starts with two letters. How old will it be?

We never buy, sell or deal in electric sewing machines by any maker that are in pieces of furniture or cabinets. Beyond the info found below we cannot help you with them, we do not have further info on them, and can not comment on the value of specific sewing machines. Please read down the page!! A good rule of thumb for determining the desirability of an early sewing machine pre is its serial number.

Manufacturers. If your sewing machine, accessory, or ephemera has a name on it, this is the place to start. If we don’t have a listing for the name, please use the .

Then, quietly, Hubbie came in with a wonderful new little sewing machine. Produced from they were made to fill a need for a lighter, more portable machine that could be used on any table. The lever machines also had a reverse stitch function if you lift the lever fully to the top and past the scale. The wheel turned well and nothing caught so my next step was to thread her.

It was fairly easy to follow but I found some of the diagrams difficult to see as the greyness of the photocopy meant the pictures were quite grainy when you zoomed in. I looked again on the internet and found this fab video that show you how to thread your antique sewing machine which was brilliant. As there was thread in the bobbin already and I had 3 very excited little boys sat near me we just started sewing once the machine was threaded.

To say she worked perfectly is an understatement!

How to Date a Vintage Sewing Machine Cabinet

The company name of Husqvarna comes from the position of the factory alongside the impressive Husqvarna falls where great salmon leap upstream in the spring floods. The Husqvarna Sewing Machine Company can rightly claim to be one of the oldest companies in the world still supplying sewing machines. Because Husqvarna originally was the arms factory to the Swedish Royal Family and was in business centuries before it started making sewing machines.

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This brings the machine count up to Another machine that I absolutely love and don’t want to live without. The sole purpose of this machine is to sew F-A-S-T! In fact, it sews SO fast that I only use this baby for sewing mostly straight seams. There’s no going slow around curves with this thing. Other than the fact that this machine was manufactured in Singer’s Scotland plant in , I really don’t know that much else about it.

I had always wanted to try an industrial machine, and found this one advertised locally from a business that was closing and liquidating, and she came home with me for less than half of what they normally sell for. And, like I said, I absolutely love her! I’m adding some more information about this machine for those of you that had questions. Next, here’s a quick threading guide. It is recommended that a thread stand be used with this machine to help the thread untwist before stitching.

I have the original Singer Thread Unwinder No. Once I had the machine threaded properly it sewed like a dream. The last bit of information to share is that this machine does not use standard 15X1 sewing machine needles, it uses Singer Industrial Machine Neeldes size 16X

Date Your Singer Sewing Machine

Some Frequently Asked Questions 1. Where is the model number on my machine? Is it the number stamped on the right front corner on the flat part of the machine? Singer didn’t put the model numbers on their domestic machines before the early ‘s, hence the need for this chart. The number stamped on the bed of the machine is the serial number; both letters and numbers.

My machine isn’t black.

Dating a vintage sewing table can be quite easy or significantly more difficult, depending upon the sewing machine and style. Look for a label or manufacturer on the cabinet itself. This piece of information can help you date the cabinet.

Wedgwood China Antique Sewing Machines Antique sewing machines are humble machines from our past that revolutionized an industry. First they were simple and served only a utilitarian function, then later they transformed into very beautiful creations. Antique sewing machines are appreciated both for what they have done for us as well as bringing us joy from their beauty.

We buy vintage and antique sewing machines. Antique Sewing Machines Blog. This is a great Singer Sewing machine with case, pedal, and vintage Singer manual. It has been tested and runs very strong. We buy Singer Sewing machines and we buy antique sewing machines as often as we can. This is one is a nice one to have for anyone that will be using it on a pretty regular basis. Antique miniature sewing machine. Click the images to enlarge the pictures. This is an antique sewing machine that has just come into our antiques mall.

One more step

My neighbor had it all along. I’ve been looking for an antique sewing machine with a cast iron base for months now. Not a pretty one. One that needed some work.

Singer sewing machines have a long and rich history, dating as far back as These beautiful machines have evolved over the years but are still standing the test of time, with some of the older models being highly sought after by collectors and sewing enthusiasts.

You selected Up-Near the Hand Wheel. Congratulations, you have a Singer Model or If your machine is the Full-Size model with the 14 to 15 inch Bed 35cm to 38cm then you have the Model Look at the pictures below to confirm your machine’s identity. You are now finished. If you need the manual for this machine OR require more information Click Here. You selected Down-Near the Bed. Congratulations, you have a Singer Model 27 or 28 or one of their variations such as the Model 28K.

You have selected the FLAT faceplate. Now look at the Sewing Bed. You have indicated that your machine has a hinged fold-down extension bed.

Singer industrial sewing machine table

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Singer Sewing Machines were first manufactured in The manufacture dating provided here on our Web site is reproduced from the original Company register number log books. Because we have not been able to locate the log books, serial numbers for the years to are not available at this time.

The Levow and Blodgett machine was not very practical. The circular “W movement of the shuttle took a twist out of the thread at every revolution. In place of the needle bar pushing a curved needle horizontally. I would have a straight needle and make it work up and down. Singer completed his invention: This machine had a straight eye-pointed needle and transverse shuttle, an overhanging arm. Motion was communicated to the needle arm and shuttle by means of gears.

Singer also conceived the idea of using a treadle similar to that of a spinning wheel: In The Turtleback was introduced Edward Clark originated the hire-purchase plan, the prototype for all installment selling or time payment purchases. As a result, individuals with even meager income could own a Singer sewing machine. Even better, they could increase their productivity, earn more money and improve their position in life. The “Turtleback” sewing machine was introduced. Singer patented a tucker and binder.